The archival research was carried out in different places, with regard to the historical-political events that marked the documents recording:

The activity of the Ministry of the Italian Africa (M.A.I.) is available by the Central State Archive, in which were kept the fonds regarding the Ministries’ activity.

The Ministry of Colonies – called Ministry of Africa between 1937 and 1939 - was formally abolished in 1953, but in the fond  of the PCM (Prime Minister) no more activity was attested after the fall of  Fascism in 1943.

The rich documents left, concerning the activity in the Colonies (the infrastructures’ realization,  the archaeological and cultural research) were  first united then divided in 2 centres: the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Farnesina), where is available the Historical Diplomatic Archive and the Italian Institute for East and Africa. (I.s.I.A.O.).

The Institute is subjected  to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was founded in 1995 from the union between the Italian- African Institute (IIA), born in 1941-43, and the IsMEO (Italian Institute for Far and Middle East, founded in 1933 by Giovanni Gentile); here is available  the cartographical fonds (to which are referred the documents of the fonds MAI of the Central State Archive), a library and a newspaper library.

The bibliographical research was carried out in different places (see Sources), among which the richest one is the Library of Modern and Contemporany History - BSMC –  in which are kept all the documents for the study of the Italian history and other Countries during the XVI-XXIth centuries, with a special regard to the XIX th and the XXth Centuries. Another important place for this research was the Library of IsIAO, especially the section in which are kept the series concerning the colonial activity for the regime’s propaganda.